Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boohoo for me.....

So I had to have emergency gallbladder removal surgery. It was NOT fun. Im home now, but in agony. I hate being unable to fend for myself. I feel useless and bored. Really bored. I cannot believe how insanely bored I am.

So Im writing a blog. I really dont have anything to talk about. I wish I had some great words of wisdom or some profound idea to share with you. But I dont. I havent shit in 3 days, Ive got 4 wounds in my abdomen and I feel like shit. But I cant shit. Ive ate Activia, so hopefully the BM will come in the morning. I really dont care that you dont wanna hear about my poop problems. Im just writing to write.

We are broke. No money. And all this time off and nothing fun to do or money to do it with. Thank God for pain killers. And Ambien. And Prozac. And just drugs in general. Yep Im a pill popper. So is the rest of this country. Im nothing different from the masses. Just another stinking human being trying to make their mark on the world.

Im a rambler. Seriously. I talk so randomly it isnt funny. I think its fun though. This blog is becoming really stupid. Just this particular entry though. Im sure when I start feeling better again Ill have some witty comments on how people drive me crazy, and piss me off. Then I wont be bored. So much for now. Im done.

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