Friday, April 1, 2011

Stay at home Moms - Recipe for Boredom

Its been almost 4 years Ive been a stay at home Mom. I work, 2 days a week. But Im bored. I know why Im miserable all the time. Boredom.I dont know how in the hell to change it. Ive tried playing with the girls more, running around in the backyard with them, all to no avail. I am just not a 'player'. I try to clean things, but theres only so much cleaning you can do that keeps your mind occupied. Ive been going in circles for the past 4 years. Nothing changes, I am not growing. I am not changing. Im just surviving. I take damn good care of my kids. They are loved and cherished. Why cant I learn to just let it all go and not think about how bored I am. Im so frustrated. Im miserable because Im bored. Fun stuff. NOT!

I dont really care what other people think. But I hate this gig. And Im stuck now. I mean everything happens for a reason but I just hate this. Oh well. Cry me a river, and Ill buy you a boat. Eff it all. Here's to another day of incessantly saying No, and wanting to bang my head against a wall.

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