Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bad Mommy.....

Wow, so I feel like a bad Mom tonight.

Heres what Ive witnessed myself thinking over the past 2 weeks since Alexandra started school.

1) Alexandra is mean.
2) I hate being around her.
3) She makes everything harder.
4) She is so hard to get along with.
5) She doesnt listen.
6) She does whatever she wants when she wants.

Yeah, go on call me an asshole. Cause I am one. But Im only human. She is so difficult it makes me want to pull my hair out. She screams and yells at me, throws things at me. I understand she has been through so much, I do. But in those moments when she is yelling or screaming.....I dont think about her condition, I think "what an ungrateful child". Lord forgive me. Seriously. Forgive me Lord.

Today while Alexandra was at school, Aria and I went to the lab to take Alexandra's stool samples in and then take a trip to Walmart. After the lab, I asked her if she would like to go to QT and get a drink, this is how she replies "oh yes Mommy that would be great, thank you". I take Aria to QT, she asks for one of the Icee drinks, so I get her one, and this is how she replies when I hand it to her "Mommy, thanks for my blue drink, its yummy". We pay, I get her back in the car, and while she climbs in, I hold her drink for her. When she gets all in and I hand her the drink back she says "thanks for holding my drink Mommy". We go to Walmart, and its a pleasure. We were looking around for some new sheets for everyone in the house, and I pull them off the shelves and she says 'Mommy thats beautiful". So pleasant. Not yelling at me saying "MOMMY I WANT TO GO TO THE TOYS". When I asked her to pick out her sheets, she picked out a simple pink circle pattern, and she says to me "oh Mommy, I love them, thank you!". So sweet.

So Im an ass. Yeah because I like spending time with Aria more than I like spending time with Alexandra. Cause its just easier. If Aria is hungry, she will say "Mommy Im hungry can we get something to eat". I wont have to feed her when I get her something to eat, she will do it herself. I dont have to sit there and constantly remind her to stay focused on eating, she eats because she knows the faster she eats, the faster she can go play. If we dont have the money to eat out Aria wont yell at me and demand I take her to Taco Bell or Chick Fil A, she will say "Mommy, can you make me pizza then at home?".

Im a total effing asshole. Cause I like Aria more than I like Alexandra. I love them both, I would die for them both. But Id rather be friends with Aria, cause shes just plain old nice.

Lord please forgive me. I know Alexandra cannot control whats happened to her. I know she is the way she is because of her condition. Because of that world of CHD she lives in. And you wanna know who Im pissed at for that, Im pissed at you God. You let it happen. You dropped the ball. How could you? How could you do this to my baby? How could you allow it? Shes innocent. She shouldve been given a clean slate with which to make her life out of. Not this crap of 5 open heart surgeries, and the g tube and everything. You allowed it.

Go on and judge me, cause I know you will.

And thats all I have to say about that.

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  1. I'm not judging you AT ALL. I know what you mean and know how you feel. I HATE school!!! Andrew is so mean and rebellious when he is in school. Summer?? Great! I hated the beginning because of how he acted but once we got things settled and in routine (or no routine if you will) He was back to him sweet self. School nights now I'm lucky to get an I love you. I totally feel for you and you are NOT a bad parent. Text me if you ever need someone to talk to or even if you are just bored!