Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Won't We Ask Questions??

I don't get it. Seriously, DO NOT get it. Why won't we ask the questions? You know, the hard questions....ones like "Have you ever done this before?" "What size conduit are you using?".

So please, why won't we ask those questions? Are we afraid?

Why am I the only one that is so concerned over what is going on? How come we suddenly have a ton of patients with never before discovered AVMs? Patients with PVS? Sudden transplants on Heterotaxy patients? Not even the most experienced centers in the country are performing transplants at this rate on these patients.

I know everyone just hates me cause I ask these questions. Why continue to go there when you know how many times a person has botched a surgery? We are all human, but seriously, there is some gruesome details about these things out there. And then when a surgeon refuses to apologize for his mistake.....

And can we realize, that even when we ask these questions, we may get answers which are lies? This is a business, I run one myself everyday. I will tell you whatever I need to to get you to choose me. I will tell you everything you want to hear so you will give me your money. Its a game. Is it a game we play with a child's life? I think not.

We have to demand more. Ask more. And then ask again.

If you have private insurance, you have nothing tying you to this facility. And if you do not have private insurance, by you asking these questions, these hard questions, you force them to realize their inadequacies and then they are forced to send more complex patients out of state for care. Then your Medicaid has to pay.

Ask the questions. Don't let it go. Don't take yes. Scream no.