Thursday, January 14, 2016


Steve Harvey delivered a wonderful message after a taping of Family Feud.....(watch it below)

I've learned that jumping is the key to living a more abundant life. My gosh you guys I'm gonna graduate in May with my AA in Elementary Education! I know its just an AA but do you know what I do? I work, I manage the care and medical complexity of a child which is a more than 40 hour a week job! I advocate. I took a huge leap last year and went to MedX and I got to meet people that I am forever going to have as a part of my life! I decided that I would keep darkening those circles under my eyes and work towards that abundant life that God promises us all. And yes ~ sometimes it is so overwhelming and sometimes I want to crawl into a hole. And yeah, I have no money and the collectors call the house ( and my cell phone and my work) constantly. But I'm gonna keep going. I'm going to get my AA in May and then spend the next two years after going to school every Tuesday and Thursday night til I have my BA and then I'm gonna teach!! So what I'll be 40. So what!

I have jumped, I will continue to jump.
I will teach my children to jump.
I will teach my students to jump.
To reach for their gifts.

I will tell them that they will fall, they will have hard times. There will be heartbreak, pain, sadness. But its gonna be living!
It will be the exploration of the diversity of the spectrum of life and emotion of the human condition. Of the experience of being alive.

Don't get me wrong, I live with a possibility that sometimes stifles my entire self.
I will bury her. I will outlive her. Its not natural.
But she is going to live. And live abundantly.
For however long she is with us.

See there is beauty in this world of pain. In this world of heart defects, and liver failure, and complex medical conditions.
There is courage and strength beyond the norm.

There is life here.
In every smile, in every tear.

Live it. Live it without abandon.
Live it with all you have.

Let the slings and arrows of life be apparent on your face.

Live. Life. Abundantly.

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