Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Forgot To Ask For Refills

I forgot the refill scripts.

Because the doc kept talking about how Alex is "overweight". Um kay.

Now I have no refills. Because I went into panic mode and Alex is saying to me while I am talking to the doctor "Mom can we go to PetsMart? I want a Beta fish, I want a male beta! He has huge fins!!"

All the Mom's out there get me because as soon as I heard her speak my body immediately turned and payed attention to her.

The doc was so preoccupied with typing into the computer for the EMR that she never even went over the meds with me.

I'm not blaming it on the doc - It's partially my fault for being distracted - but you see us every 6 months for a kid with a bad liver. Sometimes I get confused as to what the job of the doc is and what mine is....

I need a vacation. But that costs money and I have to save every penny so that Alex and I will have money to eat and pay for essentials while we are in Chicago.

I royally screwed up today. I cannot believe I forgot the meds!

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