Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Visitor

I used to think I'd never make it to 21
And in some ways I haven't

I tried to slit my wrists that night
When you told me I wasn't right

I left things behind that night
And moved on to what I felt was right

Now I find myself lost in a maze of medicine
Desperate to find relief and peace

My nightly visitor who wakes me from my precious sleep won't let go
She breaks me open into a fractured version of myself
Unable to fend for the love I so desire

Brain on fire, emotions on high
My visitor calls, whispering sweet and deadly pain in my ear
"I'll distract you" she says
"I'll give you more fires to put out" she professes
Once again I fall for the pain she promises

I'm broken
I've been broken for years
Now my brain is being torn apart
By my invisible visitor

This invisible visitor that I give myself over to
I try to escape her
Downing pills to get through the day

It only masks her tortuous rampages
Beating me senseless
Another pill, another shot
To get rid of something I have already forgot

I know not what will become of me
Save me, rescue me
But alas it's up to me

And here I lay stuck.

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