Sunday, May 22, 2016

Non-Rhythmical Poetry

I remember when I first met you
Through the computer screen
I thought you were the best thing I'd ever seen

You moved across the country to be with me
We thought we were lovers from a past life
We promised this time we would make it last
That we wouldn't lose each other to the arrows of this world

But then we made her
I gave myself to her because her survival was tantamount
And you retreated to the corner of your mind that exists in the void

Like robots now
We do what must be done
Passing each other like ships in the night
Working towards the same goal
But not working together

Now this beast festers in my brain
Clawing its way through everything left that's worth anything

I am desperate to find relief that will not come
Waking at the witching hour to the bang of her nails ripping my brain to shreds

The emotional pain has taken its toll on you as well
We spend our days talking about how many pills we took to get through the day

Its been almost a decade strong now
Living in a place of survival
Rushing her from doctor appointment to doctor appointment
Traveling the country desperate to find someone to save her life

I'd gladly give my life for hers
I know you would too

We lost each other in the aftermath
We aren't lovers anymore
Shadows of the promises we made
Friends still
Yet unable to confide in one another

Find me
Rescue us
Whisper to me again
The way you used to

Speak to me
Force me to speak to you
Set me free

Remember why

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