Thursday, May 12, 2016

Saying Goodbye and Expressing Gratitude - Class of 2016

Today I took the last 2 final exams of my college education at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

It's bittersweet.

I am excited to begin the new journey at ASU Polytechnic but also comfortable in the present.

But I know to reach your dreams, you have to go outside your comfort zone.

I want to thank and let me say HUGELY thank the wonderful professors of the teacher education program at CGCC. This is an amazing group of individuals who are devoted to training up the new generation of teachers.

They are amazing. And so giving. And so understanding. I want to be like them someday. They know. They live. They TEACH.

To Professor McManaway who I gave such a hard time to over Common Core Math - Wow. You showed me. You helped me understand. I always liked geometry, but you helped me love it. And UNDERSTAND it. I got so mad cause you wouldn't give me the answer! You wouldn't direct me. But in that not directing me - you were directing me. You're amazing. I hope I force my students to really think and critically think about math like you do. I am forever now a supporter of Common Core thanks to you!

To Professor Boepple - You inspired me to want to teach math. You helped me see what I really wanted - what would really challenge me - Teach 8th graders math. Wow. I thought for sure I am an English teacher - but you sent me into the direction of what would challenge me, what would continue to interest me. Math. You gave me a love of Math. I am so grateful.

To Dr Burris - You always ensure me I'm doing the right thing. You always tell me "you'll be just fine". You introduced me to the world of education. You showed me your love for the art of teaching and passed it on. I am forever grateful for your help - for your guidance. I hope that one day I have Doctor in front of my name like you do. You inspire me. You are wonderful.

To Professor Peterson - I cried in your class. We had a moment there didn't we? :) Thank you for showing me the ins and outs of Special Education. You have helped me continue to advocate for my daughter with a much better knowledge of the way special education works. You were not afraid to tell us your life's journey and you showed us not to be afraid of ours either. I am grateful for your spunk, your ability to command a classroom (seriously you really do), and your intense love of special education. You are what every special education teacher should look like. You change lives. You are amazing.

It's been a great ride. I'm sad to say goodbye because we have all grown together and it's like letting go of all the learning. I won't be at school every Tuesday and Thursday chugging my Red Bull.

We go confidently in the path of our dreams. 

Thank you professors of the teacher education program of CGCC for leading me on this path. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and the strength to know that despite everything on my plate - I can still accomplish my dream of being a teacher.

Today I shed some tears for what has passed and for the excitement of the future.

I always knew I loved school. Thank you professors for continuing to direct my sail in its course.

I owe my future to you.

Danielle Michelle Edges
Associate of Arts in Elementary Education
Graduating class of Chandler Gilbert Community College of 2016.

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