Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Witching Hour

Darkened shadows dance across the inside of my eyelids
Lightning strikes and renders me helpless
The Witching Hour has come and I am the subject of her misery

Awoken from the depths of slumber
The fire in my eyeball sparks every synapse to scream
I am caught between the living and the dead
Unaware of the light of dreams

Ice picks now
Deep thrusts against the soft matter of my brain
I'm all alone now
I want to scream but nothing works
I have become prisoner in my own body

The Witching Hour leaves me as quickly as she came
Yet leaving the Devil's mark on me
Damned to suffer her tortuous love

I sit and stare at the face in the mirror
Eyes black like death
She's taken it all from me
I am lost in the abyss of pain
Ever anxious of the next time her cold hand of pain comes to visit me

Sweetly I am taken off by the pharma nectar that flows through my veins
The oxygen of life taking me ever higher to avoid her touch again

I cannot be free
I cannot be safe
I cannot be trusted
I cannot be loved

Loved only by The Witching Hour
Who removes me from the true loves of my life
Claiming me as hers

I am deeply within her darkness
Escape is futile
I begin to love her back for her painful touches
Becoming less human and more unhuman with every breath

The Witching Hour has consumed me
And I am lost in the exquisite perfection of her painful touch.....

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