Friday, December 2, 2016

I Don't Fit In

I don't fit in.

I don't believe voting a person - any person - into the oval office will help our country.

I will never vote Democrat. They use indoctrination and scare tactics to get votes. They call people names like "deplorables" if they vote for anyone other than their chosen candidate. They are corrupt - yet claim to be for the people.

No one involved in government is for the people - they are there for themselves.

I don't believe that we can use the government to force tolerance - any kind of government force or indoctrination is fear mongering.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

I do not fit in inside the health care advocacy world because I am not for bringing the government into further control of the system of medicine because I have talked to people in countries with socialized health care and they know people who have died because there wasn't a physican available to help.

Yet, as the costs of health care rise, I don't see how we can not go towards universal health care.

Look - I love everyone - I do. But the fear will not get us anywhere. Giving into the fear will not get us anywhere.

If I gave into my fear of losing Alexandra - I'd never get out of bed.

I have learned to understand that the course of this life is not going to be pretty. It's going to be ugly and no one - NO HUMAN BEING - is going to save us from that.

It is why I didn't vote Obama either time - because I saw the way people worshipped him like he would save us all. He can't. He is only a man.

World forgive me for voting my conscience. Forgive me for thinking above the trials of this world and understanding that no one, no one can fix what we have done. No one currently existing on this planet can fix this.

I trust in Who holds tomorrow.

Now don't get me wrong - He pisses me off from time to time.

Forgive me for voting with Jesus in my heart. Forgive me for voting third party because she was someone who saw the corruption of the media, our government and the incessant indoctrination of the Democratic party.

Forgive me for knowing with every ounce of my being that the two party system of the United States is broken.

Forgive me for wanting equality for all - be it in pay, or respect but not in the drafting of women into war. Forgive me for thinking there is a difference between equal pay for the same work and going off to war.

Forgive me for thinking that men and women are not equals - but two totally separate entities that TOGETHER make a whole - and that each have their specific qualities that help perpetuate the species.

Note - I didn't say take women's suffrage away, I said there are differences between the sexes. Women cannot be equal to men, nor vice versa. Because women aren't men. It's like comparing apples to oranges. I also never said anything like "being Gay or Trans is a sin". That's your business not mine. I just said government has no reason to be involved in any of your personal life.

Why can't we all just be? Why can't we all just love each other and not want to have this or that or keep up with the Joneses...

Because the people who really control our government have indoctrinated you to be involved in the mass consumerism of greed.

Stop and see. The Democratic party wants inclusion yet puts labels on everything and everyone because they think its the "politically correct" thing to do. They're not in this for you.

Now the GOP isn't much better - they infringe on rights and force their own agenda. Why? Cause they are the same as the Dems....just on the other side of the aisle.

In closing - I want all of you to know I love you. I want you to be happy. I want you not to be afraid. I want you to be strong and resolute and know that there is an entity who loves you no matter what. He made you.

I know there are a few of us more "conservative" types who just feel horrendous about things and extraordinarily excluded because we refused to vote for the Democratic nominee.

And maybe I'm ignorant cause I've never been raped, sexually harassed, hit by a man, felt inequality in the workforce - and maybe you all think my white privilege is showing.

But when I see that I have no money to buy my children clothes, yet I work hard, go to college, my Husband works, yet we make less than $40K a year, I don't see any privilege. Yet, I cannot get goverment assistance. Now if I divorced my Husband and was a single Mother I could. Are we rewarding this behavior? Are we saying "have babies - your government will pay for them - do not rely on a man."? I don't know.

All I do know is I work hard. Very hard. I do not trust my government to do anything for me. Because they reward irresponsible behavior.

I'm going to get off my soap box now.

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