Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I Asked God for a Word - And This is What He Gave

Last night I had to give the girls some news they didn't want to hear.

We have to cancel our trip to Family Heart Camp.

We have had some unexpected expenses for the house and vehicles that have cut into our budget for fun.

Needless to say there were tears. From all 4 of us.

We talked about doing some other local budget friendly things and everyone felt a bit better.

After I tucked them into bed and went to bed myself I prayed because I knew I needed a word.

I needed a word from God. 

As He always does - He came through with that word.

See my girls were upset over the reaction their classmates will have over when school resumes and everyone talks about what they did over the summer.

They claimed that swim lessons, science and art classes weren't as "cool" as getting to say "I went to Disneyland" or "I went to the beach".

So what God said to me was "They are living for this world, for the reaction of other human beings instead of my reaction to their lives."

Boom. He always gets to the heart of the matter.

In worrying about what "others" think about our lives - we are choosing to please "them" instead of what God and Our Savior is pleased with.

I layed there and thought "Teachable moment!!!!"

It is absolutely amazing how He always comes through with a path when I feel lost and broken hearted.

When He spoke this word to me He was also teaching me.

See I worry constantly about what others think. With that word God was telling me not to worry about what others think but to only keep my eyes on Him.

You see our worth has to come from Him. It can't come from this world. He already created our worth.


The day He created you.


When He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins.

It's time. It is time to fix our eyes on Him.

We must live for Eternity and not this world. For this world will pass away. But because of God's amazing grace and mercy we get to live forever.

My plan is to spend the next few weeks on our weekly family nights to discuss what it means to live for Eternity.

We must live for Eternity. We must keep Our Savior in our hearts and show His love and mercy to others. And while we do this we must try our hardest to not compare worldly possessions and lives to ours. It is of the enemy, and it steals all joy from our lives.

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

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